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From 15 June until 8 September 2002 the fourth Holland Paper Biennial will be held in Museum Rijswijk.

The Holland Paper Biennial consists of an exhibition displaying the work of 19 international paper artists, a shop selling books and paper and a grand paper fair to be held on Sunday 8 September 2002. An exclusive book, this time entitled Timeless Paper, will be published to mark the Holland Paper Biennial 2002.

The exhibition - 15 June to 8 September 2002

At this fourth Holland Paper Biennial, nineteen international artists will be exhibiting work executed in a diversity of techniques using every conceivable sort of paper. Although these artists come from different disciplines (painting, drawing, sculpture, printmaking, textile weaving, design and even film), they have all become fascinated with paper as a medium during their careers. The flexibility, strength, transparency and fragility of paper provides them with an inexhaustible source of expression.

The installation - 2 July to 12 July 2002

In the first two weeks of July filmmaker-sculptor Dan Geesin will create during the opening hours of the museum, a life-size humorous and cartoon-like world from cardboard. The public will be both witness and party to the genesis of this piece.

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