From 17 June until 10 September 2000
Museum Rijswijk presents
the Holland Paper Biennial 2000.

The exhibition will display the work of 24 international paper artists, anda special shop selling books
and paper
will be open for the durationof the exhibition. The paper biennial will finish on 10 September 2000
with a grand Paper Fair. An exclusive book entitled Water & Paper will be published to mark the Holland
Paper Biennial 2000.

Opening times: Tue-Fri and Sun 14.00-17.00 hours, Sat 11.00-17.00 hours. Closed on Mondays.
On Sunday, 10 September, 2000, the museum will be open from 12.00 till 17.00 hours.

The exhibition
This summer the Holland Paper Biennial will be held in Museum Rijswijk for the third time. For this
particular biennial the work of 24 paper artists has been selected, eight of whom specialize in making
jewellery. All the artists use paper as the basis for their work which is both two-dimensional and
three-dimensional. They manipulate it in all sorts of different ways and either make the paper themselves
from plant fibres, or use machine-made papers.

Following foundations and sponsors have helped tot make this
biennial possible
Papiergroothandel Deutschmann en
Roelants b.v.,
Meerssen en Palm, De Nederlandsche Bank, Södra Cell,
Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds, VSB Fonds Den Haag en Omstreken,
Gemeente Rijswijk, Provincie Zuid-Holland/Kunstgebouw, Bison International,Kader.

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